October 11-13, 1996,
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, 69-71 Andrassy ut, Budapest

As the world undergoes a transition from an industrial base to one of information, the construction that links continents takes place invisibly, through satellites , the air waves, and telephone lines. Technology is the vehicle for this construction, information the building material- this information is content. These developments have the potential to effect such profound changes in culture, commerce, and the Arts that have not been seen since the invention of the Guttenburg Press. For many, this rapid growth has changed the way that information is viewed, accessed, shared, and generated- a possible revolution in media.

The title "Under Construction" refers to the common Internet experience of finding incomplete Web pages, signaling the constant growth of the World Wide Web, the most visible aspect of the Information Age. While progress in technology has gained a great deal of attention, questions surrounding content must be raised. How does technology alter the information it transmits; What can society learn from the media of the past; How is society affected by the ever increasing amounts of information it receives; How does an information society change the labor process; When does content become a commodity?

It is with these questions in mind that the Media Research Foundation presents MetaForumIII/Under Construction/ Budapest Content Conference. The conference will include a variety of national and international speakers as well as; a live Web-radio broadcast with East Edge, Hungary; an on-site micro-radio building and transmission; a chill-out lounge with Heath Bunting; a Public Content-input Station (computer terminals and scanners available to the audience to provide content that will be included in the MetaForum CD-ROM); the presentation of ZKP3, an experiment in net-publishing; a screening of selected, vintage technology-training films.

Invited lecturers

Richard Barbrook, (UK); Heath Bunting, (UK); Manuel Delanda, (Mex); Erik Davis, (USA); David Garcia, (NL); John Horvath, (H); Heiko Idensen, (D); Attila Kotanyi,(H); Eveline Lubbers, (NL); Oliver Marchart, (A); Benjamin Perasovic, (Cro);Miklos Peternak, (H); Pit Schultz, (D);Alexei Shulgin, (R); Mark Stahlman, (USA); Katalin Timar, (H); Toshia Ueno, (Jp);


MetaForum III is made possible by the generous support of Albacomp, Copy General, Isys Hungary, Springer Magazine, Es Magazine, Juventus Radio, the Austrian Embassy, the British Council, the Royal Netherlands Embassy, and the Autumn Festival.

MetaForum III Organizing Committee

Geert Lovink, Diana McCarty, Ferenc Pohly, Janos Sugar, Margit Valko, and Noel Villers

Coordinator:    Diana McCarty  (
Press:          Margit Valko
Editor:         Ferenc Pohly  (
Finance:        Gabriella Szucs
Webdesigner:    Laszlo Tolgyes (
Assistants:     Anna Balint, Gabriella Barta, Thomas Bass,  Geza Foldesi

Metaforum III will take place at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, 69-71
Andrassy ut, on October 11-13, as a part of Budapest's annual Autumn
Festival of the Arts.

Tele: fax:
Post: C/o Intermedia 69-71 Andrassy ut, Budapest, Hungary 1062


Friday October 11

11.00          Registration
12.00          MetaForum III Opening
12.15          Introduction with Geert Lovink, Diana McCarty, Janos Sugar

12.30-14.30    The Information Industry
               John Horvath: Wittgenstein's Nightmare
               Miklos Peternak: Forms of Content in Media History
               Mark Stahlman: Internet: New Media or New Dark Age?

14.30-15.00    Introduction to Content Input Station, Micro-radio,
               and Real Audio

15.00-15.30    Break

15.30-17.00    Round Table: The Hungarian War on Content
	           Chairman: Kelemen Gabor
               Participants: Dash, Steve Carlson, InterNetto,
               East-Edge, Szalay Tamas

17.00-19.00    Be Content! The Politics of Counter
               David Garcia: Social Innovation through Charismatic
               Images/A User Language for the Visual Arts
               Oliver Marchart: Online Revolutionaries: How to construct
               the world over again (or not) and what
               Thomas Paine has to do with it (or not).
               Eveline Lubbers: Back To The Source: an  archivist exploring
               new dimensions of Netactivism

19.00-21.00    Reception

Saturday October 12

10.00          Registration

11.00-14.00    Notes from the Margin
               Mokka Group: RomaRom Presentation
               Pit Schultz: Panic Content-ZKP3 and alternative publishing strategies
               Heiko Idensen: Poetry Should Be Made by All
               Alexei Shulgin: There is No Media Art

14.00-14:30    Break

14.30-15.45    Round Table: The Crisis in Hungarian Alternative Culture
               Chairman:  Kopper Judith
               Participants: Tilos Radio, Vakuum TV,
               Koz-Hely, Magyar Narancs, Tilos Bar

15.45-17.45    When Now Was the Future:
               Heath Bunting: Standing in Circles
               Attila Kotanyi: Is There Any Net Critisicm that is Not Suicidal
               Katalin Timar: The HyperRealities of the Spectcale:
                              The Situationists Internationale and Cyberspace

18.45-18.00    Break

18.00-20.30    Culture Reflected
               Toshiya Ueno: Techno Mysticism and Media Tribes
               Benjamin Perasovic: Tekno Scene in Croatia: Under Construction
               Erik Davis: Techgnosis: Heretical Echoes in Contemporary Cyberculture

22.30          Party: Location to Be Announced

Sunday October 13

11.00          Registration

11.30-13.00    The Morning After
               Losanc Alpar: The Unlimited New
               Alexei Shulgin/Rachel Baker: The Lighter Side
               Vuk Cosic: Very Cyber Indeed

13.00-15.00    New World Ordered
               Kristian Csako: SoftProfits for Free
               Manuel Delanda: Markets and Anti-Markets
               Richard Barbrook: Political Dyslexia

15.00-15.30    Break

15.30-16.30    Roundtable: The Best Money Content Can Buy
               Chairman: Geert Lovink
               Participants: Stahlman, Schultz, Barbrook, Davis, Delanda.

16.30          Conference Closing Remarks

17.00-19.00    Tour Of C3 (Soros Center for Culture and Comunication)

21.00-23.00    When Film Was the Fashion/
               Screening of vintage technology films,
               Introduction Olia Lialina and presentation
               of Cine Fantom (Moscow)